Remote Controls

Remotes let you command and control many different electronics in your home, and universal options, like Logitech, LG and Sky remotes, help consolidate command functions into a single device. While most are capable of controlling your television, DVD player, Blu-ray player and satellite or cable box, many also offer intuitive and integrated controls over home lighting, alarm systems, blinds, music players and locks. Some TV remotes also feature plug-and-play options that make them compatible with Mac and PC programs such as KeyNote and PowerPoint.

Depending on your needs, you may want a branded remote or a multi-brand option. Multi-brand universal remotes often feature pre-programmed codes for many different types of electronics and brands. This type of TV remote controls most basic functions, but may not let you use specialised features the way a brand remote would.

Many universal remotes let you command multiple electronics at the same time with the push of one button. For instance, you may program your Sky remote so that it turns on your cable box and TV at the same time when you push the “Watch TV” button. Some remotes also let you customise the button layouts. Those with LCD touchscreens may boast customisable icons as well. There are also TV remote options that operate via sensors or schedules.