HDMI Cables

A television today isn’t just a screen; it’s a multimedia centre. Making connections is crucial, so make sure you have the right cabling to take advantage of today’s HDTV and Smart televisions. Here you will find HDMI cables and accessories that will deliver the high-quality video and audio you want, and will allow you to access the latest features.

You’ll find cabling in lengths of 10 metres and more. The variety of colours can help you keep everything organised–replacing equipment is so much easier when you can tell which wire goes to which device. Don’t get caught short without the cables you need to get connected up-here you’ll find HDMI cables to wire one room or even your entire house.

Install your media system the way you want it with HDMI cable accessories such as splitters, adapters, extenders, pigtail switches, male-to-female couplers, cable plates and more. HDMI has more uses than just connecting televisions and stereos. You will find adapter cables for the iPad, HDMI cables for connecting your Xbox to an HDMI-capable television and cables for other electronics too. HDMI cable multi-packs, with two or more cables, can save you money-use one and keep the other handy for setting up other electronics or as a backup if the original becomes damaged.