Whether you’re looking to smarten up your TV or complement your current home cinema system, you’ll find plenty of media players for all of your streaming and Internet needs. Perfect for the forward-thinking household, these media streaming devices will stream anything from films and television shows to sporting events and music.

You’ll find several of the best media players from companies like Fire TV Stick, Roku and Now TV. Each of these devices is made for streaming music, along with streaming TV, movies and even Internet connectivity. You can attach the media players to your Netflix, Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer account and play your favourites from your TV. It’s a fantastic way to have a comprehensive media collection at your fingerprints.

Each media streamer includes a remote control so you can scroll through the menu with ease. The user-friendly devices can be integrated with your home cinema system, so you can switch between Freeview and your media player with a few clicks of your remote control. Some devices even have a jack, so you can listen to your music or film through your favourite pair of headphones.

With the mix of audio and visual entertainment, a media streaming device will give your home cinema system a device for just about everything. Some media players have a USB or HDMI port so you can transfer files from your computer to watch or listen to on your television. For the tech-savvy household, media streamers are a way to consolidate your devices while adding to your library of shows to watch and music to listen to.