Review: LG Z9 8K OLED TV

If you are in the market for an 8K TV, manufacturers are offering more options than ever. LG unveiled its new Z9 8K OLED TV at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show billing it as the world’s first 8K OLED TV. The initial response when looking at the set is, “Wow!” Let’s look a little closer at this latest offering in the 8K market.

As with other 8K sets, it is hard to get past the initial awestruck feeling you get when looking at 88″ of 8K. When you take into account that you are gazing at a massive number of tiny light-emitting diodes, it is even more impressive. But let’s check out the rest and try to make an unbiased assessment of this new LG.

First Impression

The Z9 sits atop a sturdy looking silver cabinet-style floor stand. From there up, from the front, you get a massive 88″ display. From the side, it is impossibly thin. This is where OLED really shows off. While we haven’t seen the specs on exactly how thin it is, it is hard to believe this is really a TV. It is awe-inspiring before you even turn it on.

Picture Quality

While displaying native 8K content, the results are stunning. This is LG’s very latest OLED technology, optimised for maximum resolution. When you sit close enough to this TV, you realise that it is impossible to pick out an individual pixel. In addition to that, the organic LEDs deliver the deepest possible blacks, striking contrast, and viewing angles that will enable viewers to enjoy it all from just about any seat in your home cinema. It can even deliver high-quality HDR in brightly lit rooms using its ambient light sensor to adjust the picture based on light levels.


With the limited amount of true 8K content, 8K manufacturers are putting their money into upscaling capabilities. This means that your 4K and even HD content can be improved to look like you are watching 8K. The Z9 does a rather impressive job with this using its second-generation Alpha 9 processor. The chip has access to a database of over a million visual data points it uses to analyse content for upscaling. It boasts a 4-step algorithm which boosts sharpness, enhances depth, refines colours and increases the frame rate.


When more 8K components hit the market, the Z9 will be ready as it is the first to offer the new HDMI 2.1 standard in all of its input ports. That means there will be enough bandwidth for 8K content. LG also includes support for eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) which will eventually allow uncompressed audio to pass from the TV to a soundbar or receiver.


Manufacturers are continuing to make TVs smarter, and LG is no exception. While last year’s models had Google Assistant built-in, the new Z9 has added Amazon Alexa control allowing you to use your TV remote to control your Alexa enabled devices.