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Panasonic’s new TVs support playback of next-generation “Dynamic Metadata” HDR. HDR10+ is supported by some 4K Blu-ray discs & a popular streaming service. Of course, they also support conventional HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) too, so you can enjoy an HDR picture from a variety of sources. Adaptive Backlight Dimming – Delivers Deep Blacks in Dark Scenes and Plenty of Punch in Bright Scenes. Panasonic’s TVs with Adaptive Backlight Dimming constantly analyse incoming pictures so that they can continually adjust their light output to deliver the optimum picture quality. USB HDD Recording – A convenient way to record broadcast television. TV programmes can be recorded onto an external USB hard disk drive simply by pressing the REC button on the remote control. * This feature requires a USB hard drive with a capacity of at least 160GB. Selected programmes may be copy protected.


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