TP-LINK TL-WPA8631P V3 WiFi Powerline Adapter – Single Unit, White


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Ultra-fast transfer speedsLaggy internet connection? The TP-Link TL-WPA8631P V3 WiFi Powerline Adapter can help. It plugs into your wall to provide fast WiFi, and also features handy Ethernet ports so you can connect a desktop PC, smart TV or games console easily.The benefit? You’ll be able to download music and movies quicker, and you’ll spend less time waiting for movies to buffer. Video game downloads will be installed faster, too. That way you can enjoy more of the things you love without having to wait around.Dual-band WiFiYour connection won’t just be fast, it’ll be more reliable, too. That’s because 2 x 2 MIMO provides multiple simultaneous network connections. In other words, your connection won’t slow down, even if multiple people are online at the same time. Combined with fast dual-band WiFi, you won’t have to wait to browse the web, stream HD movies, or join an online game.Add additional extendersWant to expand your network even more? Thanks to TP-Link’s Auto-Sync technology you can add additional WiFi extenders to your powerline network at the touch of a button. It automatically finds your existing settings to make things easier to set up, so you can improve your network connection without a hitch. Likewise, a WiFi clone button automatically copies your network name and password during setup, so you won’t have to switch to a different network as you move around the house.






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