Tp-Link AV1300 Powerline Adapter Kit – Twin Pack


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Top features: – Straightforward set up only requires standard plug sockets – Fast internet connection for streaming and gaming online Straightforward set up The TP-Link AV1300 Powerline Adapter Kit is perfect for adding a high speed Ethernet port to your home without having to link any cables through each room. By using your home’s electrical circuit the powerlines are very simple to set up. The first adapter is plugged into a standard socket and connected to your router, then the second powerline is ready to be plugged into the room you want an Ethernet port in. Then using the Ethernet port provided you can connect your Smart TV, desktop PC or games console straight to the internet. Fast internet connection The AV1300 supports fast internet speeds, and is ideal for streaming HD videos, online gaming and downloading large files. A pass-through socket means no power outlet is wasted, making the TP-Link TL-PA8010P Adapter Kit perfect for connecting your wired devices.


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