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Thomson WHP3311BK Headphones: A flexible wireless solutionEnjoy the freedom of listening to your music of TV in your home with the Thomson WHP3311 Wireless Headphones. Offering a maximum range of up to 100 metres, you can conveniently move throughout your home whilst listening to whatever you have your headphones connected to in exceptional clarity. The headphones are fully rechargeable, and come with a charging station to keep the battery level topped of whilst not in use.ComfortableAn elastic headband and large cushioned ear pads, ensure optimum comfort for long periods of wear (the battery life delivers up to 8 hours of continuous use). The volume is easily adjustable from the headset so that you can set the level to suit your needs without having to change it from the device.Excellent soundDependable sound quality is ensure on the WHP3311 Headphones thanks to 3 different transmission channels to eliminate interference, and auto-tuning to delivery optimum clarity as you move around.Why should you buy these headphones?If you’d like to enjoy the freedom of wireless headphones in your home, the WHP3311 represent outstanding value for money.


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