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Professional Quality Sound in a Robust Package The TD85 is a full-size, professional quality stereophone that delivers high quality stereo sound reproduction in a durable yet lightweight construction. Ideal for professional, commercial, or home use, the TD85 features dynamic elements for a rich frequency response from 20-17,000 Hz. Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound. Closed leatherette ear cushions envelope the ear to enhance bass frequencies and isolate the listener. The result is a sound performance that captures every note while preventing sound leakage that can be distracting to others nearby-perfect for loud and busy settings like school language labs or commercial listening stations. To achieve the proper fit critical to good isolation, the TD85 is outfitted with an adjustable headband and large, round earcups to accommodate any size or shape head and ears. The headband is designed to secure earcups in place with a firm but gentle pressure. Steel yokes* reinforcing the overall construction of the TD85 combine with an extra-wide steel headband to provide incredible durability. Despite its robust construction, the TD85 is surprisingly light and comfortable. The simple, streamlined construction minimizes the potential for breakage. A Kevlar-reinforced, single-entry coiled cord affords 8 feet of flexible movement. A gold-flashed 3.5mm (1/8″) plug, L-shaped to minimize cord stress, and a gold-flashed 6.3 mm (ΒΌ”) adapter are included. When robust sound with a robust construction is required, The TD85 is a sound solution.


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