SWANN NVW-490 4-Channel Full HD 1080p Security System & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Bundle


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Keep your home protected with the Swann NVW-490 4-Channel Full HD 1080p Security System & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Bundle.________________________________________________________________Swan NVW-490 4-Channel Full HD 1080p Security System – 16 GB, 2 CamerasMonitor your home while you’re away with the Swann NVW-490 4-Channel Full HD WiFi NVR Security System. While two WiFi connected cameras are included in the kit, you can connect up to four cameras for complete coverage of your house and garden.Whose car was that? Recording in crisp Full HD, you can pick out important details like number plates and faces. A 16 GB memory card is included to store your recordings. And if you have a lot of footage, you can add an external hard drive (sold separately) for more space.At work, but want to know what’s happening in the garden? Get notifications straight to your phone with the AlwaysSafe app as soon as something’s been caught on camera.Swann’s True Detect technology motion uses sensors to recognise movement and lets you know when something has been spotted. Because it also uses heat sensors, True Detect prevents false triggers and only notices warm objects, like cars, people and pets. Not only can you listen in on who’s outside, but you can also speak to them using 2-Way talk. Say hello to guests at the doorstep using the AlwaysSafe app as your voice is projected through the camera speakers.Rain or shine, keep watch of your property all year round. Built for the outdoors, the cameras have an IP65 rating to withstand any weather condition. And when it gets dark night vision mode switches on automatically, seeing up to 35-meters. Catch some z’s knowing the Swann NVW-490 Security System is keeping an eye out for you.________________________________________________________________Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) – ChalkJust like the original Mini, the Google Nest Mini is compact, discreet, and has the super-helpful Google Assistant built-in. This time round, the Nest Mini has bigger, richer sound with 2 x stronger bass and improved voice recognition. Asking for your 90s Ibiza playlist has never been easier.It’s got an eco-conscious side too, with a durable fabric top that’s been made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.Want to know if you’ll need an umbrella the next time you head out? Ask Google, and the Nest Mini will let you know if any rain is expected. You can also get the latest sports, finance, news updates, and more. Stay organised and ask Google to manage your schedule. Mark dates in your diary, set reminders, alarms, and more.Never be stuck for an answer. Ask for things such as translations, calculations, unit conversions, and anything else you want to know the answer to. You can even play games with all your family.________________________________________________________________Please note: – Google Home is optimised for selected music and audio services only. Subscriptions/payments may be required. – Controlling your TV requires a Chromecast or Chromecast enabled TV. – Controlling your thermostat requires a compatible smart thermostat, and controlling your lights requires compatible smart lights. – Remember that even if you’re using Multi-user and Google Home should recognise your voice, a voice similar to yours or a recording of your voice might cause it to incorrectly identify someone else as you.


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