SONY WI-1000XN.CE7 Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Gold, Gold

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Top features: – Wireless noise-cancellation so you can focus on your music library – 10 hours battery life so you can listen to your favourite tracks all day – Handsfree calls with vibration so you can take your calls easily – Smart auto-settings that optimize your listening settings based on your behaviours Wireless noise-cancellationThe Sony WI-1000X Neckband Noise-Cancelling Headphones features Bluetooth so you can listen to your music wirelessly with most Bluetooth compatible smartphones.On top of that, these headphones feature industry-leading wireless noise-cancelling technology, blocking out ambient noise from around you. This means you can focus on your music and nothing else.10 hours of batteryTo make sure you have plenty of listening time, the Sony WI1000x have up to 10 hours of battery life with noise cancellation active. This means you can use them during the day and most of the night, then charge at bed time.Handsfree callsWith the in-built vibration, the portably Sony Wireless Headphones will alert you with incoming calls and you can answer them handsfree. This means you can carry on with your tasks without having to take the headphones off.Smart auto-settingsThe smart auto-settings automatically optimises the listening settings based on the way you listen. This means the WI1000x give you the best possible sound when you’re listening to your favourite tunes.With Hybrid drivers, you can enjoy your music with a balance of both deep and dynamic bass and bright treble without having to do anything to the sound.Please note: Industry-leading wireless noise-cancellation as of August 31st 2017. According to research by Sony Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guidelines. In truly wireless style noise-cancelling headphones market.


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