SONY ICF-C1TW FM/AM Clock Radio – White, White


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Never worry about sleeping in again with the Sony ICF-C1TW FM/AM Clock Radio.Featuring two alarm presets, you and your partner can both set your own alarm, so no one has to risk being late. If you’re not really a morning person, you can set both alarms for yourself to make sure you definitely get up on time. If you want a more gentle wake up, there a progressive buzzer volume setting too.The ICF-C1T features FM and AM wavebands so you can tune in all your favourite stations. Features include a snooze function, sleep timer, and automatic date and time settings which adjust for summer/winter hours, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to change the clocks.In case of a power cut, the Sony ICFC1T FM/AM Clock Radio incorporates a back-up battery so you can always rely on it to wake you up in time.


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