SANDSTROM S2HDM215 HDMI Cable with Ethernet – 2 m, Gold


SKU: e7a71897d777

Enjoy a high-speed connection for stunning visuals using the 2 m Sandstrom S2HDM215 HDMI Cable with Ethernet.CompatibilityThe gold-plated HDMI cable is capable of connecting your high definition TV to your 3D cable or satellite, home cinema system, 3D games console, 3D Blu-ray player, DVD player and more. It is also compatible with 4k Ultra HD, allowing for the best possible viewing experience.With a 2 m long cable, it also features an Ethernet channel. This helps to reduce the number of wires required for your device by removing the need for a separate Ethernet cable.OrganisationFeaturing securit fit, the cables are also designed to prevent themselves from accidentally detaching from the device you fit them in to avoid unwanted hassle.For a cable to provide you with high-quality visuals, consider the Sandstrom 2 m S2HDM215 HDMI Cable with Ethernet.