SANDSTROM Level 1 HDMI Cable with Ethernet – 3 m, Gold


SKU: 403efbd30cdb

Connect up your HD devices using the 3 m Sandstrom Level 1 HDMI Cable with Ethernet. Compatibility The Level 1 HDMI Cable is compatible with Full HD, 3D and 4k Ultra HD devices, making a versatile choice to connect up the devices in your entertainment set up. It is suitable for connecting your HDTV to a 3D cable/satellite service, home cinema system, 3D games console, 3D Blu-ray player, DVD player, digital media streamer or HD AV receiver, allowing you a great deal of freedom when it comes to your entertainment centre. Design Featuring gold-plated connectors, the Level 1 HDMI Cable offers Ethernet compatibility, helping to reduce the number of wires required in your entertainment setup. It also includes a security fit to help prevent the cable from detaching accidentally from your devices for added peace of mind. At 3 m long, you have added freedom in how far apart the devices are when you connect them. Keep your HD devices connected with the 3 m Sandstrom Level 1 HDMI Cable with Ethernet.