Roberts Blutune 5 Portable DAB/FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker in White


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From the Manufacturer:If you’re looking for a radio with Bluetooth and great sound, then the Blutune 5 is for you. Built-in DAB+/DAB/FM allows you to listen to radio stations in crystal clear digital quality. If you’re after more than radio, you can stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth, and listen to your tunes in fantastic sound. With two alarms, you can wake up and drift off to your radio.DAB+/DAB/FM radioEnjoy all the entertainment that DAB radio has to offer. Save your most loved stations with 5 handy preset buttons, so you can access them at the touch of just a few buttons.Stream music from your smartphone, iPad or PCUsing Bluetooth you can stream your music collection from your smartphone or iPad, straight to the Blutune 5. What’s more, if your laptop or PC has Bluetooth you can stream music from there too.Wake up to your favourite radio stationTwo alarms mean you can tailor Blutune 5 to your morning routine. Choose to wake up to radio or buzzer, whichever you’d prefer. Or you can catch some extra kip and hit the snooze button.Take your music with youBlutune 5 is battery or mains operated, so you can take your tunes indoors and outdoors with you, into the garden or on a classic picnic!


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