PURE Elan IR5 Portable DAB/FM Smart Bluetooth Radio – Black, Black


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Top features:- Listen to stations from around the world with internet streaming- Hear your music like it was meant to be heard thanks to the sound controls- Take your radio around the house – it works with a cable or AA batteries Listen to stations from around the worldListen to your top stations on the Pure Elan IR5 Portable Smart Bluetooth Radio. This internet radio can stream over 25,000 stations all over the world, so there’s always something for everyone to listen to. Plus, you can quickly jump to your favourites with 12 preset buttons. Have a playlist that you’d like to play instead? Connect your phone to the radio through Bluetooth and start streaming from the likes of Deezer and Pandora. Or, use Spotify Connect to play your Spotify playlists straight from your phone through WiFi. This means you can free up your phone to make calls or stream videos without interrupting the music.Hear your music like it was meant to be heardThe Elan IR5 Radio has crisp, powerful sound to go with its large music selection. With a digital amplifier and adjustable bass/treble controls, you can tweak the sound to best fit the genre of music you’re listening to – turn up the treble for classical stations and boost the bass for your dance playlist.Take your radio around the houseWith either AA battery or mains power options, you can easily move the radio around the house or take it out to the garden. Wake up to music with a radio alarm in the bedroom, or use it in the kitchen and set a timer while you cook. There’s loads of features to play around with, and the colour display keeps everything organised, so it’s a breeze to navigate.


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