Profigold PGV7500 Oxypure 1.5m RGB Only Scart Lead


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Profigold by Bandridge PGV7500 Oxypure High Definition 1.5m RGB only scart lead. Enjoy the ultimate RGB picture with this ultimate quality interconnect. 24k Gold Plated contacts ensures optimum video transfer. Oxypure 99.9997% OCC single crystal copper conductor for high resolution picture quality. IAT interference absorbers for the ultimate in visual performance. Internal silver soldering provides excellent signal transmission. Unique metal connector design for maximum shielding. Cellular PE insulation for low signal attenuation. 3 way screening for maximum RFI protection. Lifetime replacement warranty against design construction material & manufacturing defects. Perfect for RGB video connections between DVD VCR Freeview Sky Sky+ satellite receivers etc and your TV LCD or Plasma etc. Please note this is an RGB video only cable source and destination scart sockets must be RGB compatible no audio connection is made with this scart.


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