PHILIPS TAA6606BK/00 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones – Black


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Bone conducting earphonesKeep safe when working out to a soundtrack with the Philips TAA6606BK/00 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones. Designed primarily for sports, they use bone conduction technology. Your ears remain unplugged and you stay aware of your surroundings.Clever designWith a IP67 waterproof design, you don’t have to worry about exposing them to sweat or rain. Quite the contrary, you can even wear them in the shower.The ultra-light neckband design keeps the headphones comfortably in place without messing up your hair. Without any cable clutter ruining your rhythm, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. And with the built-in night light on the back, you’ll be more noticeable when jogging at night.Control your musicConnect to your smartphone or smart watch via Bluetooth and make use of the on-board controls. Pause or change tracks, take calls, or activate your voice assistant to get directions or request a new playlist.






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