PHILIPS Hue A60 White & Colour Ambience B22 Kit, 2 m Smart LightStrip Plus Kit & Twin Pack Play Light Bar Bundle, White


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Make your home’s lighting smarter with the Philips Hue A60 White & Colour Ambience B22 Starter Kit, 2 m Smart LightStrip Plus Starter Kit & Twin Pack Play Light Bar Bundle.____________________________________________________________Philips Hue A60 White & Colour Ambience B22 Starter KitThe Philips Hue A60 White & Colour Ambience B22 Starter Kit contains everything you need to add smart lighting to your home. Choose from 16 million colours and sync the lights with movies and music to create atmospheric lighting for every occasion.Choose from a range of pre-light settings using the Philips Hue app. Whether you need help concentrating or you’re trying to energise yourself, you can find the ideal settings for you.Using the included Philips Hue Dimmer Switch you can easily adjust the lighting from anywhere in your home. Its portable design means that you can use it as a wireless switch or a remote control depending on your needs.____________________________________________________________Philips Hue Smart LightStrip Plus Starter Kit – 2 mCapable of displaying different tones of white light and 16 million different colours from anywhere in the spectrum, the Hue LightStrip Plus allows you to truly customise your home and create your own personalised lighting effects.You can even turn your photos into a pallete of colour for your lights, using a pointer on your smart device to change the Hue bulb to the colour selected on the photo. The Relax setting changes all of your selected bulbs to produce a soft glow which will help to calm you at the end of a busy day.A timer function can be utilised to gradually change your lights over time – whether you want gentle lights to wake you up in the morning or the option to automatically fade gradually to help you fall asleep, you can find the ideal setting for your needs.ZigBee technology ensures a safe and reliable system for controlling your lights, as well as updating software and firmware wirelessly, directly to your bulbs.____________________________________________________________Philips Hue Play Light Bar – White, Twin PackAdd some atmosphere to dinner parties and cosy nights in with the Phillips Hue Play Light Bar. Play around with 16 million colours and set the ambiance with the touch of a button. Or just go through different shades of white light – wake up to gentle, warm tones that become brighter as the day turns to evening.Its discreet design easily fits into any home set up. You can place it on the floor to light up a wall, stand it on a shelf to illuminate your photos, or attach it to the back of your TV to create a brilliant backlight that’s perfect for movie night.Make your favourite entertainment even more exciting with Hue Sync. You can sync up your Hue Play so it reacts to different sounds. Switch it on when you’re having a party and watch how the lights change to the rhythm of music, or see how it adds tension when you’re watching the latest hit drama._______________________________________________________________ Some features require the Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately).


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