PANASONIC SC-AKX710E-K Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System – Black, Black


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Top features:- AIRQUAKE BASS shakes the atmosphere with powerful bass – Bluetooth linking let you connect your TV to the speakers – Sounds presets for every occasion – Panasonic MAX Juke app will channel your inner DJ AIRQUAKE BASSGet the party started. Bass is fired from the Panasonic SC-AKX710E-K Bluetooth Megasound Party Hi-Fi System with such power that you can feel it. The Super Woofer ensures that no resonance sounds are lost, so the music sounds crisp and clear even as it shakes the air with killer bass lines.Bluetooth linkingYou can wirelessly sync the Panasonic SC-AKX710E-K Hi-Fi System to a Panasonic TV with Bluetooth. This gives you the freedom to set it up anywhere, and not have wires trailing across the living room. The remote control of select Panasonic TVs is compatible with the Panasonic SC-AKX710, so you won’t have so many remotes cluttering the coffee table.Sound presetsDifferent uses require different sound setups. You can amplify the beat for greater depth of sound in music, boosting the tune without distorting it. For a Saturday afternoon with your mates, go to Football Mode to cheer along with the crowd.Panasonic MAX Juke appUse the Panasonic MAX Juke app to control the music from your smartphone. You’ll be able to line up the tunes during a house party without constantly returning the main unit. You can even transfer songs to the Panasonic AKX710’s internal memory, so the music doesn’t stop if your phone dies.


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