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As an entry-level DAB radio, it’s hard to find fault with the Panasonic RF-D10ED-K. With a particularly powerful tuner, this model offers a clear, reliable signal across most regions of the UK. What’s more, its compact design hides a surprisingly large speaker, putting the sound quality on a par with much larger DAB radios. While not quite as powerful as some of our higher-end models, the RF-D10EB-K nevertheless offers outstanding value for money, and therefore comes highly recommended.A deceptively powerful speakerWhile the RF-D10EB-K may be compact, its speaker is anything but. 10 cm in diameter, and powered by a 4.5 cm magnet, this DAB radio packs a serious punch. With speakers, bigger almost always means better, and this model offered excellent sound quality during our testing process. There’s a nice amount of mid-range to the audio, which makes it equally suited to music and talk radio. Whatever you’re into, you can be sure that the RF-D10EB-K will do the job nicely.Modern, stylish designWith a refreshingly modern design, the RF-D10EB-K is sure to look great in any home. Unobtrusive yet stylish, the darker tones of this model help it to sink into the background when not in use, only to leap into life when you switch it on. A clear, backlit display screen makes it easy to see what station you are tune into, and the twin knobs are incredibly simple to use- one adjusts the volume, while the other flicks through the stations. That’s all topped off by gentle curves that make the RF-D10EB-K right up to date and easy on the eye.10 station presetsTired of having to manually scroll through stations to find your favourites? With the FR-D10EB-K, that problem is a thing of the past. Take a look at the top of the unit, and you’ll see an incredible ten station presets to fill with your most-listened-to stations. That’s double the amount you typically get with other models of this size and price range. For ease of use, this unit just can’t be beaten.A fully portable DAB+ radioAs a smaller DAB radio, the Panasonic RF-D10EB-K has the advantage of being fully portable. Just insert some batteries, and it will be ready to play all your favourite stations, wherever you go. With up to 30 hours of use, you won’t find yourself running out of power in the middle of your favourite programme. What’s more, there’s no drop in sound quality when using battery power- unlike some other DAB radios out there. Instead, the audio and reception are as clear as ever.Futureproof with DAB+DAB is fast replacing FM, but it won’t be too long before DAB+ takes over. Not to worry, though- the RF-D10EB-K comes complete with DAB+ functionality, making it fully futureproof. With this model, you’ll still be able to tune into all your favourite stations for many years to come.


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