OPTOMA DP-3084MWL 84″ Portable Pull Up Projector Screen


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Use the Optoma DP-3084MWL 84″ Portable Pull Up Projector Screen to conduct large-scale, high-quality presentations. The portable design means that you can move it from room to room or around the country.Great for business and home cinema useThe Optoma DP-3084MWL Screen can be used for 4:3 formats for business and entertainment purposes. If you don’t have wall or ceiling mounts handy, it features two support legs that remain hidden until you slide them out from under the casing. Height adjustable floor stands help overcome uneven surfaces and there’s an extra height-adjustable floor stand for improved vertical stability.Easy interlock systemThanks to its smart design, the Optoma DP-3084MWL 84″ Projector Screen is totally secure whether you’re using it or transporting it.Lift the support bar and watch the case automatically unlock so that you can easily pull up the screen. The case then automatically locks when the screen is retracted, a clever safety feature that’s simple to use.The back support maintains full security and offers easy adjustability thanks to a patented one-way lock. Use the multi-purpose handle to raise and retract the screen as well as securing it to the support bar so that it doesn’t fall over or move.Whether you’re delivering a lecture, pitching a new business idea, or watching movies in large format, the Optoma DP-3084MWL 84″ Portable Pull Up Projector Screen gives you a practical way to view.




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