ONE FOR ALL HP1040 Wireless Stethoscope Headphones – Black, Black


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Top features: – Voice Clear Technology provides easy listening – Optimised design making it easier if you wear glasses – Included noise-cancelling microphone for simple use Voice Clear TechnologyHard of hearing? Well thanks to the One For All HP1040 Wireless Stethoscope Headphones won’t struggle when watching TV. Simply pop in your headphones and take advantage of the Voice Clear Technology. The technology captures and amplifies voices while reducing any background noise, so you can hear all the dialogue in your favourite crime drama, soap or the latest blockbuster.It’s also wireless so you don’t need to worry about cables tangling up and restricting you from moving around the house.Optimised designThe optimised stethoscope design makes it comfortable if you wear glasses or just find over-ear headphones a bit of a pain.When things are too quiet you can turn up the volume right from the control switches that hang below your neck, a process so effortless you will question why you haven’t got them sooner. You can also adjust the tone and balance to make sure you can hear everything that’s happening in your favourite gameshow.Included noise-cancelling microphoneYou’ll also get a detachable noise-cancelling microphone, so for those times you may be on your tablet video calling your loved ones, you can chat without any disturbances around you. It’s ideal for times you’re in a busy cafĂ© or household. Simply plug it into the jack input and away you go.


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