NINTENDO Switch Neon & Ring Fit Adventure


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Get a workout while you playThe Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure lets you play in a whole new way. Using the included Ring-Con and leg strap, you can control your in-game movements. Jog, sprint and jump through dozens of levels as you explore a huge fantasy world.Whether you’re levelling up your character by defeating enemies or taking on mini-games, you’ll be getting a workout at the same time. Create customised routines and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Hybrid consoleThe Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do. With the ability to transform between a home console and a portable system, the Switch lets you play your favourite games for longer.Connect the HDMI cable to your TV to enjoy a traditional console gaming experience, or prop up the stand attached to the back of the device to play games on its built-in screen. When the time comes to leave the house, you can carry on gaming by attaching the twin Joy-Con controllers to the console and using the 6.2″ screen.Joy-Con controllersWith two wireless Joy-Con controllers, the Switch makes it easy to share a gaming experience with a friend. Featuring standard buttons and a directional joystick, each controller also has motion sensing and high-definition tactile feedback.32 GB internal memoryThe Nintendo Switch comes with 32 GB of internal memory for all of your gaming needs. This can easily be expanded, using microSDHC or microSDXC cards to add storage space to suit your needs.






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