MANHATTAN T2-R Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder – 500 GB


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Record all your favourite TV shows to watch at a time that suits you with the Manhattan T2-R Freeview HD Digital TV Recorder.The perfect solution if you don’t want to subscribe to costly services, with Freeview HD you’ll get over 70 channels with up to 15 HD channels, all which can be recorded for future watching. You can record up to two channels at once, and with the on-board hard drive, you can store up to 300 hours worth of TV – you’ll never have to delete things you havent watched yet to make more space.With the PVR function, you can pause and rewind live TV, so if the post arrives or the phone rings, you won’t have to miss anything. The eight-day programme guide makes it easy to plan your viewing and schedule recordings, and when you pick your show, you’ll get the option to record the whole series, so it will save them automatically.____________________________Please note: Some apps & services may not be available outside of the UK, including Isle of Man and Channel Islands.








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