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Top features: – Control your smart home without relying on your phone – Combine your devices in one command for ambience in one click – Connect to multiple smartphones for full family use – Wireless switch can be mounted or carried anywhere in your home Control your smart homeThe Logitech Pop Smart Button isn’t just a light switch. It has the ability to control your blinds, locks, and entertainment, as well as your lights. You no longer have to dig your phone out to switch on music, turn up the heat or any other battery-draining function. Simply assign the functions you need to your Pop button and do it all with one click.Combine your devices in one commandWhip up creative ‘recipes’ tailored to your ideal home experience. Pair your smart lights with your Sonos speaker and smart kettle to instantly make a brew while your favourite music plays and your lights dim to the perfect setting. All with a single button.For movie lovers, you can combine Netflix on your smart TV and soundbar with dimmed lighting, to get the mood just right for that action-packed flick.Connect to multiple smartphonesWith the Logitech Pop Smart Button Starter Kit, you aren’t anchored to a single smartphone for all your functions. Your whole family can connect their phones, meaning your home stays smart even if the person and phone that set up the kit isn’t home.Wireless switchYour Pop Smart Button is wireless, compact and light, making it easy to carry around your home or mount in the most suitable spot for you and your family. Place one in the hallway for instant use when you arrive home, or on your bedside table to start your day right.You can even add more buttons for dedicated use in every room, putting you fully in control of your home and gadgets.


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