LOGITECH Keys-To-Go Wireless iPad Tablet Keyboard – Black, Black


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There’s no need to leave the keyboard at work or home – the black Logitech Keys-To-Go Wireless iPad Tablet Keyboard lets you take it anywhere with you for fast and convenient typing.iOS compatibleFrom typing up notes on your iPad in the park to controlling your Apple TV in your living room, the Keys-To-Go Keyboard conveniently connects to all iOS devices via Bluetooth including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.The super slim, lightweight and compact design ensures this iPad keyboard is ultra portable, great for everyday use around the home, at work and when out and about.iOS lovers rejoice – the Keys-To-Go features handy iOS shortcuts and a well-spaced QWERTY keyboard so typing is familiar, fast and accurate.Durable FabricSkin finishTaking your keyboard everywhere means it will enviably end up in sticky situations, but the Keys-To-Go is armed with a durable and innovative FabricSkin cover. Not afraid of spills, drops or getting crumbs under the keys, it can be easily wiped clean.Completely wireless, this iPad keyboard features a battery that lasts up to 3 months and is easily recharged via USB.Stylish, functional and portable, the Logitech Keys-To-Go Wireless iPad Tablet Keyboard is great for Apple users on the move.






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