LG SK1 2.0 Compact Sound Bar


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Top features: – Enhanced sound modes let you quickly switch the audio settings to match what you’re watching – Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to connect to anything in the living room – TV remote compatibility lets you control the sound bar with your normal TV remote – Perfect for 43 inch LG AI TVs, so your living room looks as good as it sounds Enhanced sound modesWith three different sound modes, you can make sure the LG SK1 2.0 Compact Sound Bar is tuned to whatever you’re watching. Action movies will sound like they’re exploding out of your screen, while more serious dramas will have crystal clear dialogue.BluetoothSeamlessly connect the SK1 to your Bluetooth devices. You can connect up to your TV for the ultimate cinematic experience, or stream a playlist from your smartphone. It’s all wireless, so you can set up the LG SK1 anywhere without worrying about trailing cables.TV remote compatibilityIsn’t it annoying when your living room has a half-dozen different remotes, and you can’t remember which is which? The LG SK1 Sound Bar is compatible with your TV remote, so you can control both. You’ll spend less time spent fiddling with remotes, and more time enjoying your shows.Perfect for 43 inch LG AI TVsThe LG SK1 2.0 Sound Bar is designed to fit perfectly with the 43 inch LG AI TVs. It will look like an extension of the television rather than another box on the TV stand – and it’s wall-mountable too, so wherever your TV is you can get the compact SK1 set up right under it.






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