KNOWHOW Picture Perfect Plus


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Top features:- 4K Content on USB- Easy to use step-by-step guide for all TVs- Specially-designed content in 4K, HD and standard definition- Bonus content including audio setup & troubleshooting- Specially designed colour filter card, Blu-ray disc and DVD4K contentWith Picture Perfect Ultra UHD you can optimise the picture on your 4K TV so it’s perfectly suited to your room, your display and your eye. Once optimised, you can enjoy detailed images, optimum brightness and backlighting, and the most realistic reproduction of colour. The picture on your TV will have never looked better.Easy to useThe process is simple – just work through the video guide at your own pace, pausing it at each stage as you are instructed to edit your TV’s settings. Once you’ve gone through the stages, you can enjoy images the way they were meant to be viewed.Specially-designed contentThe Picture Perfect UHD from Team Knowhow package includes a USB stick with 4K Ultra HD content, a standard definition DVD version, and a Full HD Blu-ray disc for your convenience. The picture will look great, whatever TV you own.Bonus contentPicture Perfect Ultra HD helps you to get the most out of your TV. Learn how to get your TV to show crisper images, finer details, more realistic colours and create a picture as good as anything else you’ve seen.Specially designed colour filter cardThe settings on most televisions are preset by the manufacturers to look good inside a shop environment, resulting in over-bright and unrealistic home viewing that doesn’t maximise your TV’s full potential.TV calibration can seem complicated, but the With Picture Perfect Ultra HD, you can calibrate your TV settings for a fantastic picture that looks great inside your home. The USB, DVD and Blu-ray pack breaks it down into simple and easy-to-follow steps.