GOOGLE Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Smart Display with Google Assistant – Charcoal


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7″ touchscreen with voice and gesture controls Sometimes it’s easier to see your schedule than it is to hear it. The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) has a 7″ touchscreen so you’ll be able to see everything at once, whether it’s an upcoming appointment or your shopping list. Just like the other Google Home products, you’ll still be able to use your voice to get things done too – your personal assistant is ready and waiting to help. The Google Nest Hub can also controlled with Quick Gestures. Simply wave your hand in front of the screen to pause music, stop a timer or snooze your morning alarm.Sleep trackingWith its Sleep Sensing feature, the Google Nest Hub will make the perfect addition to your bedside table. This sleep tracking function uses sound and motion to analyse the sleep patterns of the person sleeping closest to the device. Then in the morning you just need to ask ‘Hey Google, how did I sleep last night?’, and you’ll get a full rundown of how well you slept.This feature also analyses your bedroom’s light and atmosphere, so you’ll know if there’s anything in the room that’s affecting your sleep patterns. Helpful assistant Want to know what’s going on with your day? All you need to do is say “Hey Google, show me my calendar”. The Google Nest Hub has Voice Match technology, which means it can recognise your voice and displays your calendar, reminders, commute and more on the home screen.The Nest Hub is compatible with over 200 smart devices from over 50 brands, which means it fits perfectly into your smart home. Turn the lights on with a single command, or change the TV channel using your voice. You can even control your heating – it’s compatible with Nest. All you need are compatible smart home products and you’re ready to start controlling everything without even touching a dial. Your entertainment hub You’re only a few words away from getting the party started. Use your voice to search YouTube Music for your favourite songs and bands, or even search for music videos. Log in to your Spotify account or listen to your favourite radio stations – there’s something for everyone. Streaming your favourite box sets is as simple as saying, “Hey Google, open Netflix.” _____________________________________ Please note: – Subscriptions may be required to access certain music and video content. Google Nest Hub is optimised for selected music and video services only. A streaming membership is required to access Netflix. – Sleep Sensing requires a subscription service. Sleep Sensing features are subject to your settings and permissions. The Google Nest Hub requires access to sensor data and needs to be placed close to the bed. Google Assistant, the Google Fit app and other Google apps may be required for full functionality.






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