GOOGLE Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera with Floodlight – Wired


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Only the important stuffGet tipped off when there’s a delivery at your door, the kids have arrived home or there’s someone in your garden (and not just a cat passing by). The Google Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera with Floodlight is smart enough to recognise what’s going on and only alert you to the important stuff.You can select an area that you want to keep an eye on, such as your driveway or terrace, and customise what alerts you receive.Security lightsFor added protection, the Nest Cam Floodlight comes with two strong LED lights that will illuminate your driveway or garden with strong white light. You’ll be able to see more details at night and deter potential intruders.24/7 coverageThe Nest Cam works 24/7 – HDR and night vision means you get a clear view, whether it’s a bright, sunny day or night-time.Because it’s hardwired, you don’t need to worry about charging. It’s wall mountable, so you can place it anywhere.Hey GoogleNest Cam works with your Google Home devices. Ask Google to view the camera on your Chromecast-enabled TV or smart display. Two-talk lets you easily interact with the delivery driver or to have a word with your mischievous pet.






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