EDIMAX Gemini RE11S WiFi Range Extender – AC 1200, Dual-band


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Top features: – Eliminate WiFi dead zones with two range extenders – Smart roaming technology provides a seamless connection – Dual-band connection is perfect for every device Eliminate WiFi dead zones The Edimax Gemini RE11S WiFi Range Extender is perfect for upgrading and extending your WiFi without needing to replace your router. Simply put the extender into a standard plug socket, and then connect it to your router. Say goodbye to WiFi dead spots. As well as enhancing your WiFi, the extender also has an Ethernet port, so you can connect a smart TV, games console or PC. Smart roaming technology The Gemini RE11 Extender can be added to your existing Edimax WiFi system, or you can add other extenders with ease. And because all of the WiFi extenders can share a network name, you’ll automatically switch to the closest and best connection as you move around the house. To make sure you get the best signal possible, the RE11S WiFi Extender features signal strength LED lights, so you can choose the perfect place to plug the extender in. Dual-band connection The RE11S has a dual-band connection, which means it has two different lanes of traffic for your devices. The 2.4 GHz band is slower, but has a longer range – perfect for phones and tablets that travel around the house with you. The second 5 GHz band is much faster, but with shorter range, so that laptops near the extender will enjoy a fast connection for online games or streaming.


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