DEVOLO Magic 1 8361 WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit – Twin Pack, White


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Top features:- Boost the signal around your home and say goodbye to dead spots- Better speeds for bandwidth heavy tasks like gaming and streaming- Handy extra functions for enhanced control of your networkBoost the signal around your homeBoost your signal and get better WiFi speeds everywhere in your home with the Devolo Magic 1 8361 WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit. If there’s an area in your home that your WiFi typically doesn’t reach like the attic or basement, the Magic 1 will help expand your network signal for super fast, reliable internet in every space.This whole home kit comes with one Magic 1 LAN and one Magic 1 WiFi adapters – all you need to do is plug into a power socket and the plug-and-play system will connect the adapters together in seconds. As pairing is so easy, you can extend and adapt your set up any time you like to accomodate your needs with no hassle or complicated settings.Better speeds for bandwidth heavy tasksIf you’re looking for a way to guarantee yourself great speeds while streaming 4K content, gaming online or video calling family, the Magic 1 promises speeds of up to 1200 Mbps – perfect for those times you don’t want a laggy connection.With a radius that easily copes with long distances – up to 400 m – whether you’re trying to get WiFi down at the bottom of the garden for your next bbq or to the garage to set up a security camera, you’ll always have a strong, fast connection. You’ve also got four Ethernet ports, so you can connect your TV, computer, consoles and more. Handy extra functionsGet better control over your network with extra functions such as guest WiFi access, time control and configuration-sync. With easy pairing, it couldn’t be quicker to set up the Magic 1 8361, and with the Devolo app you can check up on the status of your WiFi, change settings and more.






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