DEVOLO dLAN 1200 Powerline Adapter Single Unit, White


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Top features:- Single adapter to connect additional device- Range+ technology for longer reach- 1200 Mbps for fast connectionSingle adapterTap into seamless connectivity in your home with the devolo dLAN 1200+ Powerline Adapter. This single adapter lets you expand your powerline network, allowing you to connect an additional wired device.No matter where you place it, the devolo dLAN 1200+ Powerline Adapter provides superior connectivity that will never let you down.Range+ technologyWith an even higher performance then previous devolo powerlines, you can trust the dLAN 1200+ Powerline to deliver optimal network connection for your portable devices, computers, TV’s and game consoles.Boost your connection further with the range+ technology which helps you stretch the network range longer than ever before.1200 MbpsWith data transmission speeds of 1200 Mbps, you will be sure of a reliable connection.The integrated Gigabit LAN port means you can connect wired devices to your Powerline adapter. There are no fuss or lengthy set-ups involved with the dLAN 1200+ Adapter.The integrated socket also means that no power outlet is ever wasted and minimal energy consummation is achieved due to the PowerSave technology.








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