DENON PMA-800NE Integrated Amplifier, Belt Drive Turntable & Bookshelf Speakers Bundle – Black, Black


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With speakers and a turntable, the Denon PMA-800NE Integrated Amplifier, Belt Drive Turntable & Bookshelf Speakers Bundle includes everything you need to get started on your new sound system.______________________________________Denon PMA-800NE Integrated Amplifier – BlackGet the most out of your loudspeakers with the Denon PMA-800NE Integrated Amplifier which delivers 85 W per channel. It might be powerful, but the vibration-resistant design means you get the best sound.The PMA-800NE is kitted out with high-grade components for a frequency response of up to 100 KHz. You’ll be able to appreciate the deep bass and detailed highs of your high-resolution audio content. And for your turntable and other analog music sources there’s Analog Mode and a phono equaliser.With optical, coaxial and RCA connections, it’s easy to setup your home audio system.______________________________________Denon DP-400 Belt Drive Turntable – BlackEnjoy that classic vinyl sound while listening to your favourite records with the Denon DP-400 Belt Drive Turntable. With a weighted base and an S-shaped arm, this turntable keeps your records turning smoothly. This means you get that authentic sound, skip-free.The DP-400 also comes with a clever auto-sensor to maintain a consistent playing speed.This turntable comes with a moving magnet cartridge, which gives your records a crisp, full sound. If you love your oldies and you prefer the tonality from a moving coil cartridge, you can easily swap one in. The DP-400 works with both.______________________________________Polk Audio Signature S15E Bookshelf Speakers – BlackImmerse yourself with the Polk Audio Signature S15E Bookshelf Speakers. Ideal for upgrading your audio or home theatre setup, you’ll be able to enjoy rich, clean, full-range sound for music and movies.With support for high resolution audio files, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the studio or concert hall. And for movies and TV shows, these speakers are compatible with the latest sound technology from DTS and Dolby, including Atmos.


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