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Top features: – Active noise cancelling blocks all outside noise, for immersive listening – 18 hour battery life keeps the music going all day – Touch controls on earcup let you offer full hands-free control of your music – Ultimate comfort for extended listening sessions Active noise cancelling Put the outside world on mute and immerse yourself in the music with the B&O H9i Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones. With active noise cancelling, you can effectively mute the sounds outside your headphones that you don’t want to hear. That means no more loud talking, disgruntled commuter noises, or crying babies distracting you from the music you love. And it works both ways, too. With the closed design of the earcup, that four-to-the-floor dance tune won’t be heard by the people around you. So crank up the volume! 18 hour battery life Enjoy wire-free music without the constant trips to the charger. The B&O H9i Headphones feature a rechargeable, removable battery that’ll give you a whopping 18 hours of audio on a single charge. So, you’re able to listen on the journey to work and home again, and still have plenty of charge to unwind to your favourite albums in the evening. And if you’re still worried about your conserving the battery, the B&O H9i feature a proximity sensor. When you take the headphones off, your music automatically pauses, so there’s no need to manually stop the tune when the phone rings.Touch controls It’s not a fully wireless experience if you still have to control your music with your device. That’s why the B&O H9i Wireless Headphones feature an intuitive touch surface on the earcup. Swipe back or forward to shuffle through your playlist, down to turn active noise cancelling on, or rotate your finger around the earcup to adjust volume. You won’t even have to remove your phone from your pocket to hear the song you want to hear. Ultimate comfort The B&O H9i Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones won’t just provide seamless sound quality on the go, they bring a new level of comfort to portable playback. Crafted from a combination of adaptive memory foam, soft lambskin, and cowhide leather, both earcups and headband have a premium feel and are still super-comfy after hours of use. The leather patinates over time, adding a sheen that makes the H9i look beautiful with age. So, your headphones stay durable and elegant for longer.


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