AVF TV Stand Bundle – TV Stand, Picture Perfect, Extension Lead & HDMI Cable


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Set up your TV with the AVF TV Stand Bundle – TV Stand, Picture Perfect, Extension Lead & HDMI Cable._________________________AVF Burghley 1250 mm TV Stand – WalnutThe stylish and sturdy walnut AVF Burghley TV Stand is an attractive and practical addition to your household furniture.Constructed from wood, metal and glass, the Burghley TV Stand is easy to assemble and looks great as a centrepiece console for your television.Suitable for screens up to 65″ and capable of supporting up to 60 kg, this stand is perfect for positioning both in the corner of a room or flat to a wall.There are three shelf areas for your peripherals and the stand has cable management holes incorporated into the design, letting you keep all the associated wiring neat and tidy.The bottom compartment features two glass doors, which are beam-through and allow the continued use of Infrared remote controls on the devices stored within. The bottom shelf is also slatted, providing ventilation for electrical equipment._________________________Knowhow Picture Perfect Ultra UHDWith Picture Perfect Ultra UHD you can optimise the picture on your 4K TV so it’s perfectly suited to your room, your display and your eye. Once optimised, you can enjoy detailed images, optimum brightness and backlighting, and the most realistic reproduction of colour. The picture on your TV will have never looked better.The process is simple – just work through the video guide at your own pace, pausing it at each stage as you are instructed to edit your TV’s settings. Once you’ve gone through the stages, you can enjoy images the way they were meant to be viewed.The Picture Perfect UHD from Team Knowhow package includes a USB stick with 4K Ultra HD content, a standard definition DVD version, and a Full HD Blu-ray disc for your convenience. The picture will look great, whatever TV you own.Picture Perfect Ultra HD helps you to get the most out of your TV. Learn how to get your TV to show crisper images, finer details, more realistic colours and create a picture as good as anything else you’ve seen.The settings on most televisions are preset by the manufacturers to look good inside a shop environment, resulting in over-bright and unrealistic home viewing that doesn’t maximise your TV’s full potential.TV calibration can seem complicated, but the With Picture Perfect Ultra HD, you can calibrate your TV settings for a fantastic picture that looks great inside your home. The USB, DVD and Blu-ray pack breaks it down into simple and easy-to-follow steps._________________________Logik L4WAY2M18 4-Socket Extension Lead – 2 mKeep all your devices connected with a Logik L4WAY2M18 4-Socket Extension Lead.This useful extension with a 2 metre cable means you can plug in four more of your everyday electrics – really handy for a home entertainment set up._________________________Sandstrom Silver Series S2HDM215 Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet – 2 mEnjoy a high-speed connection for stunning visuals using the 2 m Sandstrom Silver Series S2HDM215 HDMI Cable with Ethernet.The gold-plated HDMI cable is capable of connecting your high definition TV to your 3D cable or satellite, home cinema system, 3D games console, 3D Blu-ray player, DVD player and more. It is also compatible with 4K Ultra HD, allowing for the best possible viewing experience.It also features an Ethernet channel. This helps to reduce the number of wires required for your device by removing the need for a separate Ethernet cable.Featuring securit fit, the cables are also designed to prevent themselves from accidentally detaching from the device you fit them in to avoid unwanted hassle.


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