AVF SDCL900 900 mm TV Stand with Bracket - Black & Chrome, Black


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Fiddling around with cables is tricky enough when they’re not lost in the back of a TV cabinet. The design of the AVF SDCL900 900 mm TV Stand with Bracket makes things easier by not having side panels. Now you can easily reach the backs of your set top boxes, DVD players, and games consoles with the myriad of cables needed to run a typical TV. No tools or DIY skills are required to put it together. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll have the SDCL900 up in no time. For extra convenience, the angled back makes it narrower toward the rear, so you can slot it into a corner without wasting space. The TV mount keeps your telly secure, so you don’t have to worry about it being knocked over by children or pets. It also holds the TV in an elevated position, so you can the best viewing angle for your living room.