Aircraft PowerGlide+ Upright Hard Floor Cleaner – Grey


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Forget about your bucket and mop – clean and polish your hard floors using the AirCraft PowerGlide+ Upright Hard Floor Cleaner. It’s suitable for all hard floors like wood, stone and tile.The cordless design makes it easy to manoeuver around your home. Just let the two rotating pads to do all the work for you. Fill it with water or your favourite cleaner and spray the floor in front of you with single push of a button.You get 40 minutes of battery life, which should be enough to get all your floors spotless and shiny.Thanks to certified Quiet Mark you can clean and still be able to hear what’s on TV.After you’re done the pads can be popped in the washing machine. But if you’ve got more cleaning to do, there are two extra pairs included in the box.






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