ACER XZ321QU Quad HD 31.5″ Curved LED Monitor – Black, Black


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Top features: – Curved display helps you see everything in your film – No lagging, tearing or ghosting with AMD Freesync – Get the upperhand in fast moving games with a 144 Hz refresh rate Curved display Get immersed in your favourite films with the Acer XZ321QU Quad HD 32″ Curved LED Monitor. The curved screen makes everything more engaging, whether you’re catching up on your favourite TV show, watching a film, or playing a new game. No lagging, tearing or ghosting Perfect for casual gaming, the XZ321QU LED Monitor comes with AMD Freesync, which matches your monitor’s refresh rate to your AMD graphics card. Freesync keeps your picture from tearing, even when your graphics become super detailed. And because it has a super fast 1 ms response time, you’ll see everything happening without any delay.Get the upperhandThe Acer XZ321QU has a 144 Hz refresh rate, which is perfect for racing and sports games, or first person shooters. So if the enemy is moving quickly you’ll still be able to pinpoint them without having to deal with motion blur throwing off your aim.


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