85″ SAMSUNG QE85Q900 Smart 8K HDR QLED TV, Black


SKU: e79b1b3e7089

Top features:- 8K in your living room – the future is now- Intelligent upscaling to 8K for all your entertainment- Magnificent detail with HDR & ultimate colour volume- Smart thinking from Samsung’s AI processor- Make your TV disappear with Ambient Mode8K in your living roomThe future of entertainment is here. The Samsung QE85Q900 85″ Smart 8K HDR QLED TV brings impressively detailed 8K resolution to your living room, so you just see the picture, not the pixels. And that’s not all – colours, textures, and skin tones are enriched – making every seat the best in the house.Intelligent upscalingIt’s all your favourite shows and movies, as you’ve never seen them before. The Q900 intelligently upscales content to 8K – nature documentaries are instantly enhanced, movies look spectacular, and the match final will be in a league of its own.This isn’t any old upscaling either. Supported by a dedicated quantum processor, the upscaling engine has the power to rapidly compare images from a special image bank. Each frame is analysed, recreating all the details at a much higher resolution, so you get incredible depth and clarity. It’s a bit like an art restorer, painstakingly restoring an old piece of art, but on every individual frame in real time.Magnificent detailWith HDR, you can really enjoy the magic of filmmaking. From the subtle detail in the dark shadows of a horror movie, to the brilliant sun-filled scenes of the latest sc-fi, each frame is enhanced so your movies and shows look realistic in detail and colour.You can be confident with Samsung QLED that you’re getting superior, true-to-life colours. Delivering 100% colour volume, over a billion colours and shades are brought to life, making it the next best thing to being pitch side during the match.Smart thinkingA bit like auto mode on a camera, Samsung’s lightning fast processor does all the thinking for you. Not only does it optimise your picture and sound settings, it connects to other home devices and gives you suggestions on what to watch.You won’t be stuck for choice either. In the Samsung Smart Hub you’ll find all your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and NOW TV, along with catch-up from all the main channels. So, settle down for a box set binge.Make your TV disappearYour TV is your entertainment hub, but it doesn’t need to be the focal point of your room when it’s switched off. Ambient Mode removes the large black screen, making it seamlessly blend into your living room. Choose from decorative content, your own photos, helpful information, or even let it mimic the texture of the wall behind it. It can also play a bit of light background music if you like.Keep your space feeling zen. With just one Near-Invisible optical cable for all your connections, you can place your TV anywhere you want in your room and keep it free from clutter, even when wall mounting. Why not hide all your multimedia devices away with the One Connect Box (sold separately)? You can still access all your devices, whilst leaving your space looking minimalist.Effortless installationFor setup without the squabbles, our Team Knowhow experts can connect your new TV to your Blu-ray player, sound bar, and other devices. They’ll even get you online so you can put your feet up and start watching straight away. Pass the popcorn.Essential extrasWant your TV wall mounted? No problem. We’ve got brackets that tilt, swivel, or fix your TV in place for the best viewing spot in the house. Alternatively, browse our range of TV stands – we’ve got enough designs to keep even the pickiest interior designer happy.Avoid the disappointment of getting your shiny new telly home and realising you don’t have the cable you need to connect your games console or Blu-ray player. Sandstrom Gold Series HDMI cables support all resolutions and come with a reassuring lifetime guarantee.____________________________Please note: Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate. It will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours.