120m HDMI Extender over 1x Patch Cable


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The 120m HDMI Extender allows you to transmit a HDMI signal over Ethernet using the HDBitT transmission protocol. You can transmit a HDMI signal to a remote TV up to 120m away using a single Cat5E or Cat6 cable. The Plug and Play design is very easy to use simply connect both units to the HDMI devices connect the I/R adapters and plug them into the extenders. The extender can transmit 1080p 60Hz up to 120 Metres using Cat6 cable. Specification: Uses 1x CAT5e or CAT6 Cable (not supplied) to carry HDMI over long distances. Transmission distance can be up to 120 metres for 1080p using CAT6 cable 100 metres using Cat5e or 80 metres using Cat5 Supports 1080P resolution 50/60Hz Supports HDMI loopback to a local TV no need to use an HDMI splitter Supports IR remote control over HDMI HDCP compliant Contents : Transmitter and receiver units 2x UK Power supply IR sender and receiver User manual Connection Diagram


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