10m Active Optical HDMI Cable-48Gbps 8k-60Hz


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AOC (Active Optical Cable) is the latest in cabling technology. AOC removes the copper conductors and replaces them with fibre optic cores and a small transmitter and receiver in the connectors. Copper cores still remain to carry power along the cable. Why Use AOC? The use of fibre optic cores allows the cable to be thinner and lighter The barriers of cable length is no longer a problem By using fibre optical cores EMC interference from power cables and lighting is no longer an issue. The cables also produce much less EMC themselves No signal loss over long distances No extenders boosters or runs of CAT5e needed. These simply connect to your host and device like a standard cable Our AOC comes in frustration free packaging Specification Fibre Optic HDMI Cable Compatible with Xbox Series X PS5 and Nvidia RTX3090 Length 10m Supports 8K@60Hz (48Gbps) HDMI A Male to HDMI A Male Supports Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4 Supports 48Gbps Metal Connectors 4 Fibre optic cores / 7 Copper cores Cable Outer Diameter 4.5mm CPR rated Frustration free packaging This cable must be connected with the Source connector & Display connector connected the correct way round


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