“Immersive” and “innovative” can’t begin to describe the LG OLED TV 8K. Featuring an expansive 88-inch OLED display with stunning 8K resolution, it’s a ground-breaking television with the power to truly transform your favourite entertainment. Discover just a few of the features that makes this 8K TV a masterpiece of design and technology:

Slim, Expansive Design

With a wide 88-inch display, you might expect the 8K OLED television to look “heavy”—but it’s not. In fact, it’s impossibly slim. And with its polished rear sides, ultra-slim black bezel, and stylish silver cabinet floor stand, it appears as if it’s floating delicately in your space.

8K Resolution

Available exclusively on this OLED TV and LG NanoCell TV, 8K resolution features twice that of even the most cutting-edge 4K television (7680 x 4320), delivering colour and clarity as never before. In fact, the pixels are so tightly structured that it’s impossible to see an individual pixel—which means that our 8K TVs create images that are crisper, clearer and smoother than ever. And because there’s virtually no opportunity for images, or parts of images, to be lost “between pixels,” and no image “noise,” the picture quality is simply breath-taking.

OLED Technology

Created with the latest OLED technology, this 8K television also delivers deep, rich blacks, vibrant colours, stunning contrast, and an incredibly wide viewing angle—for images so real you can virtually reach out and touch them.


With the power to upscale non-8K entertainment to near-native 8K resolution, our 8K OLED TV allows you to see your favourite television shows, movies, documentaries and more as never before.

Innovative Extras

Featuring Dolby Vision technology, as well as the powerful α9 Gen 2 intelligent processor pro (available only on the LG 8K OLED and NanoCell TVs), Dolby Atmos speakers, LG ThinQ AI with Google Assistant built-in, and Alexa built-in—you can control your television and a wide range of other compatible smart appliances and devices using just your voice. Now you have a cinematic experience that goes above and beyond.


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