What is Disney Plus (aka Disney+)?

The family of streaming services offering original content keeps growing larger. Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix may have started the race, but others continue to join in. One that has been exciting viewers and making other providers nervous has been the long-awaited introduction of Disney Plus.

Disney Plus is the new streaming service from Disney that will launch in the U.S. on November 12, 2019. It will offer existing content from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel, all in one place. This means that Disney programming will continue to disappear from other streaming services, making Disney Plus the exclusive home for all Disney’s offerings, including the entire Star Wars franchise. The service will also feature new original content developed and produced exclusively for the platform.

Disney Plus logo

What Exactly Will be Available Through Disney Plus?

If you like Disney movies, you will be excited to learn that Disney Plus will offer every Disney movie ever made. Reports say they will be available for viewing on day one. That means the elimination of the Disney “vault” which kept movies out of circulation for several years. Suddenly all of those movies will be available at the same time, in the same place.

It will reportedly also have five TV shows and about five movies ready upon launch. This will be new, original programming available exclusively on the Disney Plus service. For many, the most exciting offering coming with this service is a brand new Star Wars TV show. The live action series is written and produced by Jon Favreau, well known for his work on Iron Man and the Jungle Book. The series is reportedly titled, “The Mandalorian,” and is based on a race of warriors from the planet Mandalore.

If new Star Wars content wasn’t enough, Disney Plus will also be offering brand new TV series based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In addition to all of the MCU movies available on the service, exclusive shows based on Loke, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Falcon will make their way to the platform.

Disney Plus Pricing

While Disney has not yet announced pricing in other countries where it will become available, it has set an initial price in the U.S. of $6.99 per month. That undercuts the pricing of Netflix. However, there is no word on how long that initial price will last.

What Else Will Disney Plus Offer?

Since Disney owns controlling interests in another streaming platform, Hulu, and a popular add-on, ESPN+, you may be wondering if there will be any packages available to bundle the services. While it is yet to be confirmed, reports say that the services will likely be available as a service bundle with some costs savings.

Will Disney Plus Be Worth It?

Consumers who are drawn to streaming service to save money from high cable rates are about to have some decisions to make. For those who already have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu, adding Disney Plus may send their monthly cost over the top of their previous cable bill. However, with the entire Disney catalogue and new releases in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises only available through Disney, it will be difficult for some to say no to Disney. Meanwhile, Netflix and Hulu continue to add tempting new original programming and Apple TV Plus (aka Apple TV+) is about to hit the market with offerings of its own. There will be a lot to think about for those looking for the best content.